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  • How can we plan our event?
    When you book with Premium, you'll have access to an exclusive online planning system that makes everything insanely easy. This information gets stored in the cloud and goes right to your DJ.
  • When will we have our final meeting with our DJ?
    First, you'll want to make sure that your planning forms are complete. Once your homework is finished, we'll touch base with you (by means of a quick phone call) the week of your event. During this call, we'll read through all of our notes together and make sure that every detail is correct. This meeting has to be done as close your event as possible to make sure that any last minute changes are accounted for and that your needs are 'top of mind priority' going into the weekend.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes. Premium Entertainment carries a $2 million liability policy.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! You'll have an online account with us where you can make installment payments on your own schedule.
  • What do you wear?
    We're always dressed in suits unless otherwise specified.
  • Do you have bilingual entertainers?
    Yes! We have the ability to make your announcements in various languages.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept all credit cards, cash, and check. A 3.5% convenience fee will be added to credit card payments automatically.
  • So like, how many songs do you have?
    Let's just say, we have everything worth having. We could say that we have a bazillion songs (we do!) but trust us when we say, we have all of the good stuff that your guests are going to want to hear.
  • Can we meet our DJ?
    Of course! We want to make sure everyone gets along and vibes well. We typically arrange Zoom meetings these days to make it easier on everyone.
  • Where can we request music?
    You'll have an exclusive online account with Premium Entertainment. In that planning account you'll be able to pick your top music requests as well as songs you DON'T want to hear. That's almost just as important.
  • What type of music do you play at events?
    We use music as a tool to move your guests around the dance floor. We don't resort to annoying "DJ tricks" or line dances (unless you want them!). Because our DJs are masters of blending the classic favorites with the contemporary hits, your guests will get up and dance. We also recommend that you're out there as well. Your guests want to celebrate with you. As long as you're on the dance floor, they will be too!
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