Why is a Bridal Suite Important At Your Wedding Venue?

The bridal suite isn't usually a priority while searching for a wedding location. Regardless, the bridal suite will be an important part of your big day.

While some brides like to utilize the bridal suite at their reception site, others prefer the privacy of their own homes to get ready in their wedding gowns and cosmetics.

Bridal suites are especially helpful for out-of-town brides who need some time to get ready before the ceremony begins.

If both your ceremony and reception will be held at the same location, a bridal suite may eliminate the need to travel between the two locations to change and get ready (mud splatter would be a disaster).

If you request the use of the bridal suite at your wedding location sometime before the ceremony, you may get ready with peace of mind.

Getting the bridesmaids dressed, much alone the bride, maybe a time-consuming process in itself. It is customary for the bride to hire professional make-up artists and hairstylists to ensure that she and her bridal party look their best on the big day.

Big Day Prep Coordination

Setting up the dresses and flowers for the bride and her attendants in a separate area at the wedding site allows for much smoother event coordination.

It's far better for the day to get off to a relaxed start if the wedding party has already arrived at the venue well in advance than if the bride or groom gets caught in traffic on the way there at the last minute.

Makeup artists and hairstylists put the bride and her attendants through their paces before the big day. So, it's helpful to have a large space where everyone can get ready together and relax before walking down the aisle.

By the end of the practice, everyone should be familiar with their roles and responsibilities on the big day. That being said, if you have a mental checklist of the things you need to do right before you leave, you can rest easy.

Someplace to Get Dressed

In recent years, it has been common practice for some women to actually wear two outfits on their big day.

There is a big production during the actual wedding ceremony, but all the bride has to do is go down the aisle and stand while the groom says his vows (even this can seem an age in a huge skirt, and killer heels).

For the celebration, another dress will be selected that is less confining. Typically, attire that allows for free and easy movement during dancing.

Having a designated changing area is quite helpful during the hectic ceremony and reception changeovers!

Having a private space for your wedding party to use throughout the day is really convenient - whether they need to touch up their lipstick in the bridal suite or swap out their shoes for flats after the photographs are taken.

Unrestricted Space

Make sure your bridal suite has enough room for the whole bridal party, as well as your mother, other relatives, the photographer and their gear, and your hairstylist and makeup artist.

Both the bride's immediate family and any guests who would want to observe her prepare for the wedding. It's a recipe for disaster to attempt to get everything done with so little leeway in a spacious wedding suite.


A place with plenty of natural light and space to pose will be appreciated by both your wedding photographer and your make-up artist.

When standing in natural light it is much simpler for the makeup artist to assess how your make-up look will seem once you step outdoors. It also gives a great mood to any images taken with your bridesmaids.

Privacy is Important

The wedding party really needs its own space!

The bridal suite is where all the pre-wedding festivities take place, from sneaking champagne with the mother of the bride to planning a girls' night out before the wedding. Most couples will spend months preparing for their wedding, and it will be an experience they never forget.

It will be an emotional and stressful day. When things become too much, it might help to have a peaceful place to go to.

The bridal suite serves as the operational hub for the wedding party. It's time for the bride and her attendants to arrive, and at this point, everything in the bridal suite - including the gowns, shoes, and flowers - should be ready.

Take Away

If you’re looking for a perfect venue with not only the bride suite but the groom suite as well, you should check out Ryland Inn. It has a Bridal suite and a Groom’s cottage to make your big day as stressfree as possible.

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